Friday, December 2, 2016

Bittersweet Day at Mama Jean's Home!

Our Mama Jean's Home had a bittersweet day yesterday. We officially went from 10 boys down to 8 boys.

We had a goodbye party for our twins, Baraka and Favour.

The twins came to Mama Jean's Home in December of 2013 at the age of 4, having been dropped off to a street kids centre by a relative.

Earlier this year, the twins' mother found out where they were and wanted to see her boys. It was a super sweet reunion for them.
They boys even called their mother her name in their tribal language; a language they hadn't spoken in over two years.

Over the past several months, we've worked slowly at building their relationships and for this moment to happen. We did home visits to ensure that their mother lived in a safe environment. We allowed the boys to go on their school breaks to spend at their mother's home. Once we all felt (the boys included) that things were good, we set up the boys to move back home with their mother and their siblings.

Yesterday was that day!!! And to see the boys and their mom so happy with each other and knowing they were being permanently reunited, was such a blessing.

The boys will be sponsored in their home, with their mother to assist her. We will be working with the mother to help start a business to generate more income for her.

Should you wish to sponsor Baraka and Favour, it is $50 per month per boy or $600 per year per boy. The support will cover food, school necessities, and a water filtration system to ensure that the family has clean drinking and cooking water to help eliminate unnecessary water-born illnesses.

Please visit our website ( on how to donate toward the support of the boys.

Have questions? Email us at

Thank you!

Waiting for cake and soda!

Baraka and his mother!

Having their cake and soda

Most of our Mama Jean's boys (one is visiting family)

Favour and Baraka with their mother

Praying over Baraka and Favour

The boys praying over Baraka and Favour

The boys reunited with their family!


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